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Core Completions is a privately held coiled tubing and pumping service provider in the United States and Western Canada. Core Completions was founded in late 2017 and has since been establishing a CORE team of experienced personnel. Through Culture, Opportunity, Reliability, and Education we maintain values of excellence in service and safety.

We currently offer a deep conventional coiled tubing unit with a fluid pump for coil support or stand-alone work in the USA and pumping services in Western Canada. Core Completions strives to provide exceptional coiled tubing and pumping services throughout the North Central United States and Western Canada.


Core Completions is committed to being a leader in HEALTH, SAFETY, and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. Our rigorous dedication to safe practices allows us to maintain customer safety guidelines and carry out work that protects both employees and the environment.

Our people within the company have developed and contributed to the procedures that we follow. Core Completions complies with government and regulatory standards to ensure safe work practice.

We employ a STOP WORK AUTHORITY that enables our employees to pause work when they feel anyone onsite is performing their job in an unsafe manner or they feel unsafe in any way.

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